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  “My philosophy is that of prevention – I am dedicated to helping my patients maintain a lifetime of healthy teeth and beautiful smiles, this being appropriate for each individual patient.

I am an Best Dentist in Pune with a special interest in general dentistry in order not to limit the scope of care that I can offer my patients. Through my dedication to provide the Best and finest dentistry, coupled with the knowledge that Good Dental health is pivotal to general health, it is important that patients make informed choices regarding treatment that is most appropriate for the individual, in an environment of integrity, function, aesthetics and care.”

- Dr. Shibli Syed

Dr Shibli Syed

Dr. Shibli Syed
(MDS Orthodontics)
Proprietor of FDOC


Your Smile

Your smile is a key part of your unique look, personality and how the world sees you.

Modern Dentistry

Here is an opportunity to experience quintessential dentistry in Pune at the hands of masters in dentistry.

Personal Attentions

Each patient is a guest and not a patient, individual attention is provided to all the guests.

Innovative Solutions

Many of our Best Dentists in Pune have particular interests and strengths and you will usually be seen by the dentist most qualified for the procedure.

A Stress Free Experience

The Dental clinic in Pune is maintained in warm ambience to relax from stress. Walk in to an enticing and calm atmosphere and leave all your tensions at the reception.

Prevention is Better than Cure

We provide Dental Treatment in Pune centered on prevention to protect and maintain your natural teeth.


Why is Dr. Shibli Syed’s Dental Clinic one of the top dental clinics in Pune? The reason is that it is a state-of-the-art clinic where you get sophisticated dental treatments by experienced dental experts.

The difference is visible as soon as you step in. It is far more different from conventional dental clinics,not only in aesthetics but hygiene as well. We want to make the patients relaxed before they undergo dental procedures. Even though the dental procedures are 100% painless, everyone has a fear associated with it.

Hence, the first thing we do at our clinic is we make you relaxed and comfortable. Our well-groomed, friendly staff walks the extra mile to feel you at home while delivering personalized treatment. Whether it is just dental cleaning or a complete makeover of the smile you get quality treatment which is better than others. The wide spectrum of services when we offer a complete range of dental services, we make sure that high-end technology meets aesthetic excellence.

We have worked on every aspect, small or big, to make it amongst the top-class Dental Clinic in Pune whether it is superior-quality dental chairs to digital X-Ray system, world-class hygiene to state-of-the-art instruments. Your quest for the Best Dentist in Pune stops at Dr. Shibli Syed’s Dental Clinic. Call today to avail the long list of dental treatments offered by us.

Teeth Whitening in Pune

Don’t feel awkward about stained, dull teeth. We have super-class teeth whitening treatment that makes your dream of a stunning white smile a reality.

Smile Designing in Pune

We transform your smile and offer you the better life with a beautiful smile.It is just a matter of a few hours where our experts bring a dramatic improvement in your appearance.

Dental Implants in Pune

For one tooth or multiple teeth, there is nothing more natural looking than an implant. Our experts give bespoke implant solution after analyzing your needs. And remember, we offer pain-free treatment!

Root Canal Treatment in Pune

Don’t get afraid of root canals anymore. We salvage the decayed tooth in one go. With our ultra-modern painless method, you can expect the best result.

Our Team

A company is only as strong as the team behind it.
Meet our team and find out why we're passionate about what we do.


Family Dental and Orthodontic Centre in Pune is one of the Best Dental clinics in Pune. Dr. Shibli Syed is renowned Best dentist in Pune. Orthodontic treatment must be a focus on Dental displacement process only, or deal with the modification and control of facial growth. Orthodontist in Pune is a special field of dentistry in which deals primarily with malposition teeth and the jaws and their diagnosis, prevention, and correction.

We provide various services like Braces for kids and adults, Invisible Braces, Cosmetic Dentistry, Root canal treatment, Smile designing, Dental Cosmetic surgery, Dental implant, gum disease treatment , Laser gum treatment, Sensitive teeth treatment, Crown and bridges, teeth whitening, Wisdom tooth extraction, Surgical Orthodontic, Jaw Joint And Clenching, Veneers treatment, Tooth Jewellery, Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Dentures treatment.

The atmosphere of Family Dental and Orthodontic Centre has always been oriented towards quality patient care with the highest standards of hygiene and stress-free treatment experience. Family Dental and Orthodontic Centre having multi-specialty treatment facilities offers a wide range of Dental treatment in Pune to reduce the pain of patients.

A Root canal treatment used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or becomes infected. Teeth whitening in Pune is a piece of oral cleanliness and includes the expulsion of Dental plaque from the tooth with the expectation of anticipating cavities and periodontal ailment. Dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Wisdom teeth removal - In the initial stage the Roots are not completely developed then Good Dentist in Pune will recommend you to remove the teeth.

If you have been experiencing pain, swelling or tooth decay, the Best choice to avoid tooth extraction is to approach our Dental clinic in Pune for necessary Root canal treatment in Pune. Wisdom teeth are also known as molars that blow up after 17 years of age and can take place any time up to the age of 25. The Best time to get Dental treatment in Pune from this problem is as early as possible. Right from when it starts blowing up one should consult the Best Dentist in Pune. At the start, the Roots are not completely developed and thus can be removed easily by Visiting Dental clinic in Pune."




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